13 Jun

ExtraOrdinary Solos is an outstanding platform managed by Marty Petrizza, a highly experienced internet marketer. ExtraOrdinary solo ads are sent to a total of 12 of Ms. Petrizza's mailers, reaching up to 12,000 members. There is also a Credit Mailer.

All mailings are guaranteed a certain number of clicks based on the advertiser's membership type. There is a FREE membership option in which members earn advertising by reading emails and/or clicking banners.

There are five paid membership options (Levels 1 through 5) that feature a monthly advertising package. In addition, banner ads are available in 468x60 and 125x125 sizes. Login ads are available as well.

There are several other features including Premium Solos, Referral Builder, Click Qualifiers, and Tracker Stats.

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