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Intelli Banners is a banner rotator service with both free and paid options. Below is an example of a rotator created on the Intelli Banners platform.

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Viral Mailer Directory is an ongoing project faciliated by David Edwards. It is intended to be a useful resource for online marketers wishing to promote goods and services through various types of traffic-generating resources.

The Traffic Sources tab contains an alphabetical list of resources such as viral mailers, safelists, traffic exchanges, advertising cooperatives, banner promotions, and traffic rotators.

The Banner Ads and Block Ads sections contain randomly ordered banners from the various traffic sources.

The Viral Code webpage features dynamic ad boxes from a number of traffic sources.

The Blog section will eventually contain detailed posts about specific resources, as well as separate pieces written about additional resources that many of the sites provide that go above and beyond the mailing function.

Affiliate Disclosure: The owner of this website, MATN Enterprises, LLC, earns commission for purchases made through the banner links throughout the platform.
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